Latest Book

I have completed another book, this time with Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation, the non-profit arm of Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. The title:  Tennessee Wilderness - A Legacy Endures. It's a "coffee-table book" with photographer Tom Woods, a retired TWRA officer.  He’s a real pro and his work rates up there with the best.  We're featuring the Wildlife Management Areas and other scenic treasures of the Volunteer State. The WMAs are often overlooked outdoor gems that everyone can enjoy. Throughout the 200+ page book, you will see mountain top vistas, wild rivers, waterfalls and swamps teaming with wildlife.  The pages will beckon the readers of all ages to return again and again.  The proceeds from the sale of books benefit the Foundation.

We Support This New Project

The Wade Bourne Nature Center is now open in Clarksville, Montgomery County, Tennessee.  The new outdoor education facility honors the legacy of its namesake. To contribute to this project or to get more information - .

Cumberland River - An American Legacy

The project featuring artwork of mid-America's Cumberland River is off and running! There are currently over 35 paintings in the collection. The artwork tome features various points on or adjacent to the meandering river that begins in Harlan, Kentucky, dips down into Tennessee and ends at Smithland, Kentucky on the Ohio River. Contact Larry if interested in purchasing a painting or scheduling an art exhibit.

 More shows are planned for 2021 and beyond with new paintings at each stop.  

To see more on this project, go to